Rick Rehfeldt was 17 years old when he started down a path that could have become deadly. He was in high school and active in sports but was barely passing when he started using drugs. Rick managed to graduate high school and go on to 2 semesters in college making the deans list. He quit school, started living in his car, as selling drugs to support his habit. Rick was using and mixing some very heavy drugs. He would go weeks without sleeping.

In August, our last pool party of the summer went out with a bang. Teagan Willey has been a member at the branch for six years. During this time she has attended summer day camp, sports programs, and has volunteered numerous times.

Tom Neilson has a long history with the YMCA.  Growing  up in McKeesport, PA, Tom was an active member of the McKeesport YMCA; he worked as an assistant head counselor at the South Hills YMCA in Pittsburgh during the summer while he was a young teacher; his family has been vacationing at the Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp for the past nine years, and now he is active in the Silver Sneakers community at the Bradford County Branch YMCA.

In October, 2012 the gymnasium was bursting with energy as the members of the Bradford County Branch YMCA Zumba class hosted the second annual Party In Pink Zumbathon.  The Zumbathon is a national fundraiser that encourages breast cancer awareness and raises money to support the Susan G. Komen foundation.