Three DUI’s later, Rick spent 33 days in jail. After 3.5 months on house arrest, he asked his parole officer if he could come to the YMCA. Previously he could only leave the house to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and another health service organization. He was 249 lbs. While coming to the YMCA, another long time member started working with Rick, showing him lifting techniques and helping create a routine. He was lifting, running 4 miles per day, and taking spin classes a few times a week. Rick has since lost 51 lbs. His personal goal is to become a certified personal trainer. Rick visits the Y frequently and recently noticed some high school students who needed some guidance just as he did. He started working with the kids, showing them techniques that he has learned. Several boys now come daily to the YMCA looking for their mentor, Rick Rehfeldt. Rick was happy to share his story as he stated, “Coming to the Y literally changed my life. If I didn’t have this gym and the peole around me I would have been right back where I started.”