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PERSONAL TRAINING - Maximize your workout with individualized and/or group training. Work ONE-ON-ONE with a personal trainer to achieve YOUR specific wellness goals: weight loss, muscular strength, sports training, core, flexibility, accountability, and more! OR form a GROUP of 2 – 5 individuals with similar wellness goals and a personal trainer will train you together.

  • Challenge yourself with new training routines designed for you
  • Learn proper form to reduce the risk of injury
  • Stay motivated to help achieve your goals

One-on-one Instruction with a Certified Personal Trainer


1 Session:    1/2 Hour  $30       45 Minutes  $35       1 Hour  $40

7 Sessions:   1/2 Hour  $180     45 Minutes  $210     1 Hour  $240

12 Sessions: 1/2 Hour  $300    45 Minutes  $350     1 Hour  $400


1 Session:    1/2 Hour  $35       45 Minutes  $40       1 Hour  $45

7 Sessions:   1/2 Hour  $210     45 Minutes  $240     1 Hour  $270

12 Sessions: 1/2 Hour  $350    45 Minutes  $400     1 Hour  $450

***$20 Consultation for all first time participants. 

GROUP (2 – 5 individuals, each individual pays the 12 session fee)


12 sessions: 1 Hour - $216


12 sessions: 1 Hour - $240

Wellness Director
Elisa Allen
570-546-8822 x 407

EL PT Mike Rivera
 Meet Mike Rivera, a NASM Certified PT

Hi everyone!!! My name is Mike and I am a fitness fanatic! Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest.  

During our training sessions, we will utilize movements inspired by martial-arts, traditional weightlifting, explosive reactive exercises, and day-to-day maneuvers. I really like using Kettlebells and Battleropes for my workouts and I really really enjoy showing others how to use them as well!  

EL PT Kathy Haines

Meet Kathy

Hi, I'm Kathy Haines, certified Personal Trainer (AFAA, NETA), Group Fitness Instructor, and a LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Instructor.

I began teaching Group Ex at the Williamsport Y in 1984, while in college. I attend yearly Fitness Conferences to keep up with Fitness Industry updates as well as my CEC's (certification requirements). I've worked with many clients, ranging from teens to active older adults. My current clientele is mostly active older adults who want to stay strong for everyday living activity.

I reside in Montoursville with my husband, Ted. We have two sons, Brandon and Broc. We also have two Golden Retrievers, Stella and Barley. Along with my love of exercise and teaching and training others, I enjoy traveling and spending time with friends, family and my dogs. I can be reached at 570-220-4203.  The best time to reach me is afternoons, as I am usually at the ELYMCA most mornings, Monday-Friday.

EL PT Brennan

Meet Brennan 

Hello, I'm Brennan Daubert. I have been working here at the EL Y since late summer 2019. I am a CPT specializing in strength and conditioning for young athletes and those wanting to improve strength and endurance.

If you would like to learn proper lifting technique, then I am your trainer. If you would like to improve your PR then I am the trainer for you.

I also work with special populations and am now a LiveSTRONG at the YMCA Trainer.

If you would like to increase strength and sculpt and tone to a lean and efficient version of YOU then please call me.
570-412-5695 or

EL PT Elisa

Meet Elisa Allen

I am a trainer here at EL YMCA. I have been a CPT since 2014. Training is one of the loves of my life. I love helping people realize just how STRONG they are! You really can do anything you put your mind to, but you need someone to believe in you and cheer you on. We will celebrate victories and overcome setbacks TOGETHER! You never have to do this alone ever again.

I specialize in quick, efficient workouts. So you’re not a runner??? I was. It was my everything until injuries took me out of the running game.

I have spent well over a year finding ways to test myself and my endurance without running. I can help you. I can help you surpass all your goals. I can help you with impeccable form, consistency, strength, endurance and if you want to lose a few pounds or inches, I can help with that too.

I am taking new clients. Please contact me at or 570-506-3277.

Let’s do this together!


Meet Megan Bowman

Hi I'm Megan! I am a CPT and a busy mom of 3! I understand how difficult juggling it all can be.

I love quick workouts that are effective and efficient. My specialty is strength training!! I love to see people gain strength through weight lifting. With proper form and safety, anyone can do it. I will get you there.

 I also have taught group exercise for 10+ years and I can deliver some heart pumping cardio to take your workouts to the next level.

We will work hard, laugh, have fun and you will get results!

Contact me at 570-337-8936 or

Can’t wait to get started!

 Austin Hampton

Meet Austin Hampton

I have been working at the Eastern Lycoming Branch YMCA for over a year now. I am extremely excited to help you achieve your wellness goals. So you haven't been in the gym in awhile or ever?? That's ok! I specialize in working with beginners. We will come up with a plan customized to your goals that works for you.

I amalso one of the trainers for the Wellness Initiative. This program has given me experience helping special populations, folks with comorbidities and people who need a joint replacement. 

If you need help with strength training, I am the trainer for you! I can help you execute proper form and lifting technique. Let me know how I can help!

Contact me at 570-495-0110