Jackie Whitmoyer was Diagonsed with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy 21 years ago.  This Disease left her paralyzed and weak.  After years of numerous treatments, Jackie was given a clean bill of health, but she had gained a lot of weight and did not have any energy.  She started Weight Watchers and joined the Eastern Lycoming YMCA. She completed her first triathlon in August and has lost more than 50 pounds so far! Jackie Whitmoyer


Mary Beth Pace lost her husband to a heart attack 4 years ago.  Whit three young boys, ages 12, 14, and 16, the family was shattered by their unexpected loss.  Mary Beth decieded to join the Eastern Lycoming Branch YMCA to help her family regain control of their lives, refocus, and become healthier and stronger.  Mary Beth met people who deeply inspired and encouraged her through the group exercise classes.  Mary Beth's oldest son just graduated from college, her middle son continuing with his education and has been awarded an internship, and her youngest son is involved in weight lifting at the Y.  Mary Beth says, "My husband would be so proud that we can call ourselves YMCA Strong!" MBP

Jeffrey Bowen grew up in England and swam Breaststroke for the Wales Swim Team in the 1940s.  He spent a lot of time visiting the YMCAs throughout England.  When his job transferred him to a growing marketplace here in Central Pennsylvania, he found himself too busy to workout.  But, now that he is retired at the age of 77, he says that he is healthier than ever and has lost over 60 pounds.  He can be found swimming laps and making friends at the Eastern Lycoming Branch YMCA. Jeffrey Bowen