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We are so grateful that you are a part of our Y family. Here, you will find a set of virtual tools, open-air resources, and information for you to stay active, healthy and connected in your own home, and in your own time. 


Home Workout Resources

Instructor Led Workouts


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 Sit/Stand Cardio/Strength with Diana Logan

 Slow Flow Yoga 1 with Megan Lazorka

 Slow Flow Yoga 2 with Megan Lazorka

 Slow Flow Yoga 3 with Megan Lazorka

 Yoga with Josie Miller (Facebook)


 Active Older Adult 1 with Diana Logan

 Progression Boot Camp Boogie with Diana Logan 

 Beginner Progressive with Diana Logan

 Functional Fit with Diana Logan

 Progressive 1 with Diana Logan

 Drumming Beats 1 with Diana Logan

 Drumming Beats 2 with Diana Logan

 Shred 1 with Elisa Allen

 Shred 2w with Elisa Allen

 Shred 4 with Elisa Allen

 Shred 5 with Elisa Allen

 Shred 6 with Elisa Allen

 Cardio Step 1 with Kathy Haines

 Cardio Step 2 with Kathy Haines

 Cardio Burn 2 with Megan Bowman

 Body Burn 1 with Cali Alberts


Free Les Mills Workouts for the Whole Family! Browse over 95 workouts that you can play from any device – phone, computer or internet-enabled TV – no subscription required.
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The Silver Sneakers Fitness Program is the nation's leading exercise program designed exclusively for older adults.
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Yoga with Josie Miller
Josie is a Yoga Instructor at the Williamsport Branch YMCA and has shared some workouts on her Facebook page.
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Workout On Your Own

Gym Equipment Swaps for Home Workouts

At Home Body Weight Workout

Leg Day - No Equipment Needed!


Resources For Our LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Friends

Tips and Tools for Living with Cancer During COVID-19

Living With Cancer During COVID-19


Fun Ideas for Families!

Nature Quest

Fun Questions to Ask Your Kids

Play Every Day


Nutrition and Hydration

Plan to Eat Healthy

Healthy Snack Ideas

5 Every Day

Hydro-Max Game


Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Talking to Your Child About COVID-19

Responding to Children's Emotional Needs During Times of Crisis