Tom Travis is 82 years old and before he started coming to the Y, he had high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, back pain, was feeling very sluggish and weighed 250 pounds. His doctor recommended he start working out to improve his health and energy level.

Austin Halderman is 21 years old and has been a member at the Tioga County Branch YMCA since November 2012. Working out at the Y has helped improve his life in many aspects; not only has he gained strength, endurance, motivation and self assurance, but "working out at the Y makes me feel like I am finally at home". 

Josh Pritchard has been a member of the Tioga County YMCA since March, 2013. Since January 1, 2014, Josh has lost over 35 pounds and feels "the Y has been a major part of my journey to be fit once again."

Colton is 7 years old and has been attending Kids Klub since September 2013. When Colton first came to the Y, he was very quiet and shy. He participated in activities that were held by Kids Klub including arts and crafts and different sport activities, but kept to himself and didn't make himself known too much. Since coming to the Y, he has been able to come out of his shell little by little. Colton attends New Covenant Academy so Kids Klub gives him a chance to get to know different kids from W. L. Miller.

Rowena Gibbons has been a member of the Tioga County Branch YMCA since January 2014 and has been coming on a regular basis since then. She has made the Y part of her personal wellness plan and it has helped her achieve her fitness goals.