Sara, Colton's mom, states, "The Y has given Colton a chance to open up to other kids as well as staff." The staff teaches the kids respect while makings sure the kids know they are welcome and asks for their input on activities. "Colton was one of the first kids that I really got to know when I started at the Y," Veronica, Program Director, said. "Colton comes a little earlier than the kids from W. L. Miller so he and I throw the football, shoot hoops or throw the frisbee back and forth. It took him a few days to warm up to me, but since then it's almost like clockwork - when Colton walks in, he's ready for our time until the other kids get there."

Because of the Y, Colton has the opportunity to interact with other kids and staff. He's been given the opportunity to learn how to interact with different groups of people and make new friends. "I'm so thankful for what the Y has done for Colton," Sara says, "and I look forward to the progress that he will continue to make there."