Since joining the Tioga County YMCA in January of 2011, Dennis has been committed to losing weight and improving his overall lifestyle.  In 2010 Dennis was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was issued a CPAP machine in order to get proper sleep. In addition to his sleep apnea, Dennis already had high blood pressure which required medication. Since joining the Y, Dennis has lost over 50 pounds, cut his blood pressure medication in half, and rarely uses his CPAP machine.  Before beginning at the Y, Dennis had difficulty completing everyday tasks due to fatigue.  Now that he has lost so much weight, he claims that it is much easier to complete tasks without feeling overwhelmed and tired and he says he has much more energy during the day.  Just by opening its doors, the Y has given Dennis a chance to live a healthier lifestyle. He still regularly uses the Y and while he would still like to lose a few more pounds, he reports that he feels great!

Dennis Weaver