We invited local magician Ralpho the Great to provide a free magic show for the group and Kristen Hamilton from the Area Agency on Aging talked about different programs and services offered for aging adults.  The group was mesmerized by the magic and enjoyed many laughs throughout the show.

Senior member Phil Brennen, aged 83, decided to come to the social despite having a number of personal tragedies earlier that week.  His beloved dog died and his wife was hospitalized due to a series illness.  His wife encouraged him to attend because she knows that the Y has become his support system.  He was very touched when Y staff presented him with a plant and a card to show him how much they care about him.  He said that he loves coming to the Y because the Y is like a family to him.  He said the Y has made a difference in his life and that we had made a tough week bearable for him and even gave him a few laughs.  On his way out he shared that he would always cherish his time at the Y because he knows that everybody really cares about him and all the other seniors.

Participant Diane Morris said, “I feel physically much improved from where I was a year ago especially in my knees and shoulders because of SilverSneakers.”  She added that she enjoys coming to the Y because of the social aspect of the program and that the social was a great pick-me-up.  She even persuaded her husband to attend the social so that he could enjoy time with the rest of the group.  

Almost every senior mentioned to Y staff on the way out that they had a terrific time at the social and that they were glad that the YMCA was here for them.  Y staff members were all upbeat as we cleaned up after the social; it felt great to know that we are making a strong difference in so many people's lives! 


Silver Sneakers