I have no worries about my son while he is at the center. In addition, I have the wonderful opportunity to be able to work at the same center with my son. This is so convenient for me as a working parent because I am able to see him throughout the day, and spend a little more time with my son during my breaks.  It also works well as I have to make one less stop to drop off and pick him up if he were at another place.

My son has been attending Day Care with the Loyalsock YMCA since he was born.  It’s so nice to have the same staff working with my son on a daily basis as it helps build trust and bonds with everyone. He has been able to have the resources like BLAST come in to do speech therapy with him, without me having to leave work to take him for his sessions.  He has so much fun at day care playing with the large variety of educational toys and has lots of playmates his age as well.  He has grown so much in all areas and I attribute that to the wonderful care he receives at Loyalsock Child Care Center!

                                Chelsea Walburn
                                A Satisfied Parent

Chelsea Story