There is no known cure for MS at this time. However, there are therapies that may slow the disease. The goal of treatment is to control symptoms to help maintain a normal quality of life. Medications taken on a long-term basis are used to slow the progression of MS..  Doctors also prescribe physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, or support groups.  A healthy lifestyle, with good nutrition and enough rest and relaxation is also necessary.  Lisa’s doctor suggested physical activity to control the MS. 

In 2004 Lisa decided to join the YMCA because she can use the pool for non bearing exercises.  At first she was just coming because her doctor prescribed it but now she loves the social aspect and enjoys the staff.  She states that the pool has helped her tremendously because it has helped her physically and mentally.  She has been a member for 6 years and faithfully uses the pool every day.
Lisa says “Thank goodness the YMCA is here to help people like me! As you can imagine, when I was diagnosed with MS, all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. I honestly thought that it was like the end of the world.

After joining the Y and receiving the support that I needed to adapt to my new condition, I realized that my condition was not the end of my world, but the start to a new chapter of my life. I’ve also made some tremendous friends at the YMCA at the support group”.

Lisa Ferari