For Lori, an added bonus for becoming a Y member is a metro pass which she can use at any one of the RVR affiliated YMCA’s. This makes it convenient for her to work out five mornings a week. Before she goes to work, she’s already accomplished important goals.

She starts each day with a spinning class and then moves to the weights. She also enjoys the running track and exercise equipment. After four months, the scales still showed the same, so she decided to try a new Y program with Bill English, Nutrition Ammunition.

She began the first week in September, and now three months later, is on her way to success with only a few pounds to go.  

After Lori ran her first 5K, she thanked the Williamsport YMCA. ” Without your programs, I couldn’t have done it.”  Lori credits the classes and exercise equipment, but just as important, the support and fellowship of people throughout the Y, whether they are staff or members.

Lori’s “me time” has opened her eyes to what the Y offers to the whole community. ”I’m grateful that we have the Y.” Perhaps another 5K is in her future?

Meet Lori