The oldest, Jadyn has grown from rambunctious young school ager to athletic young man nearly in middle school, with a strong sense of responsibility for his bothers and a keen intellect with the family dedication to academics. Jakheem, the middle child, has always been a creative, free spirited charmer with a killer smile and awesome dance moves. He makes staff laugh every day with his high spirited antics. It is amazing to see him grow and change every day. The most recent addition to the School Age Program, Jahmeer, has been a joy to watch. He has grown from unsure but boisterous Kindergartner to confident, learning to read, free-wheeling, hilarious first grader. The boys have been a pleasure to have in our YMCA program. The YMCA staff has diligently worked with mom to provide extended day care for her boys while she attends nursing school. Jamie is an inspiration to everyone at the Y due to her steadfast devotion to the balance of working full time, going to college, and parenting three great kids, and the Y is proud of our service to this outstanding family.

Jamie Northrup and sons