I would to take a moment to send you a sincere thank you for the services that have been provided to my son. Being a single parent and working FT my biggest concern is that my child is being taken care of in my absence.

The Y has impacted my life many times. The first time was 15 years ago when I needed care for my two toddler boys. I was a single parent working full time and bad luck with private sitters.

Jamie Northrup is a single mother of three young sons. Through the numerous years that she has used the YMCA Child Care Services, she has shown a remarkable drive and commitment to furthering her education, and providing the best possible loving home for her kids, and it shows in the young men that they are becoming.

I just wanted to say our YMCA day camp’s experience such a great one and the staff is fantastic. Last week was my son’s first time at the YMCA after just moving here and he is loving it. Thanks! --Brenda Everett

Robert is a 66 year old male who retired from a fairly active line of work and found himself sitting at home, watching T.V. and generally vegetating.  He was diagnosed by his doctor with arthritis knew he had to do something to become active, refusing to let arthritis  slow him down.